Monday, June 06, 2011

Where Do You Spend Your Day?

Some time back, after I'd set fire to the table, all my hot, torching, noisy and smelly jewelry-making activities were banished to the cellar. Luckily we have a huge cellar so Barry very thoughtfully cleared his old workbench for me and I now use that for all my soldering, hammering, tumbling, polishing and so on. It's well ventilated and apart from a bit of damp, rather too many spiders and cobwebs, and the odd frog it's quite nice down there - dark enough for firing work but light enough to see what I'm doing

The "Rolling, Polishing & Soldering Dept"
is a workbench down in the cellar
My new Paragon SC-2 kiln
is also in the cellar

Most of my jewelry work is done sitting at my old desk in our little "snug", while I make my soaps and lip balms in our utility room. I used to take all my photographs on my baby grand piano, but recently I've been experimenting with taking photographs by a bedroom window. I don't have a photo to show you, but naturally that bedroom is now full of my stuff too!

My old desk in the "snug"
The "Despatch Dept"
Now where did I put that pearl......?
Spot the window :)

When I'm not creating jewellery or making lip balms, working in the garden, or glued to my laptop, you'll find me playing my piano in the conservatory. I can't believe I've shared my messy space with you - where do you spend your day?

Where I relax and unwind!

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