Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monday Moodboard - Cobalt

Today's Moodboard is based on one of my favourite colours - cobalt blue - and features four gorgeous handmade creations to keep you warm as the nights get cooler. Each garment has been individually handmade by a European artisan, and is currently for sale on To see more of this week's great Monday Moodboards, check out Star of the East's blog

1. Berniolie 2. Ayca 3. Iovelycrochet 4. SmilingKnitting


  1. Still longing for those long summer evenings to need just one of these not a fleece!!

  2. Gorgeous cobalt blues! One of my most favorite colors!

  3. I like the cobalt ...let me think an the shades of delfts blue...

  4. Cobalt and lacy pattern! Looks gorgeous!

  5. Great color! I love first vest! It's amazing!

  6. great color !! I went once to a cobalt mine in Norway; that was fantastic !

  7. Wonderful shades of blue!
    Habppy to be in here :)
    Thank you Erika


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