Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Settling In

We brought our adorable new cocker spaniel Lucy home on Sunday. She's settling in nicely & despite her tiny size has an enormous appetite - she eats like a little horse! In between eating and playing she's spent a large part of the past 48 hours napping on our laps. Lucy was checked over by the vet this morning, and had her first doggy vaccination and 4th lot of worming tablets, but none of this appeared to shake her confidence!

Here are a few photos of our boisterous little fur baby, and there's also a short (though rather grainy) video of her playing outside her crate in the kitchen - the music you can hear in the background is the radio playing Classic FM

She's grown quite a bit since the last photos I posted here, and her blue roan coat is also much more pronounced now - the markings on her front paws are almost like zebra stripes!

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