Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lucy's New Playmate

Please Come and Play

Help, Mum!
Lucy and Biscuit Take a Breather

Having lost their wonderful old black labrador Bud a few weeks ago, our friends Sally and Steve have a sweet new golden labrador, a beautiful 10 week old pup called Barney. After Barney had been given all his vaccinations I took Lucy along to meet her new playmate. Lucy is now 5 months old and at 8kg is about the same size as Barney, but she is still a very excitable and boisterous puppy. As soon as she saw him, Lucy pounced on the unsuspecting Barney, who took fright and sought refuge in Sally's arms

Thankfully Barney's nervousness hasn't lasted and by yesterday he was much bolder and giving as good as he got - he and Lucy were charging around the garden like old friends, while Biscuit the Border Terrier found herself a quiet corner and heaved a sigh of relief!

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