Friday, January 06, 2012

Another New Playmate

Lucy the cocker spaniel and Daisy the shih tzu

Our cocker spaniel puppy Lucy is now 7 months old and although Barney the golden labrador is her firm favourite doggy pal, she's very sociable and loves to meet new friends. I'd been talking to one of the guys who is repairing our roof about his daughters young shih tzu puppy, 10 month old Daisy, and suggested he brought her along with him as we're lucky enough to have a very large and secure garden. Lucy couldn't believe her luck when she ran outside and found Daisy sitting under the greengage tree. Daisy turned out to be an equally exuberant puppy, and the pair chased each other around so happily all day that Daisy came along again this morning. The grass is long and wet, and the pair of them now look (and smell) like damp rags. It's exhausting just to watch them as they run and tumble so fast, and it's even more difficult to take photographs!

Daisy can run as fast, and for as long, as Lucy....
... but even cocker spaniels need to take a break occasionally!
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