Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Moodboard - Winter

1. HeartyGift
2. LaNiqueHOME
3. kaleda
4. EvgeniyaMaslakova

The recent icy cold and frosty weather here has brought with it the most beautiful clear blue skies and wonderful sunshine, which also means you need to wrap up well to stay cosy and warm! All these beautiful wintery items were made by members of the European Street Team, and you can see more Monday Moodboards featuring unique handcrafted gifts from talented European designer-makers, over on Star of the East's Blog


  1. Great to have a little bit of winter at last! Wonderful picks!

  2. beautiful selections! thank you for the feature!

  3. What a fabulous board!

    Have a nice week!

  4. So nice!!
    Elegant and soft!

  5. Love your board!! So unique!

  6. My favourites too..I love all of them.

  7. Awesome board! Love it!

  8. Love these subtle tones, they look gorgeous all together!


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