Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Nothing like a Good Chew!

Doggy bliss! Lucy's favorite occupation is chewing.... anything!

Like all young puppies, Lucy simply can't stop chewing. Trouble is, her teeth are like little needles and very, very sharp - and like a small child, everything goes into her mouth. She constantly nips at table legs, chairs, doors, my ankles, the roses, garden benches, twigs, leaves, puppy chews, towels, newspaper, carpet, shoes, slippers, dog toys, her bed - pretty much anything she can get her paws on and her teeth into.... In fact, she spends such a large part of her life chewing that there isn't much left that she hasn't made her mark on :)

I found this gorgeous handmade collar and lead set in
The Cool Puppy store on Etsy
And here she is wearing her beautiful new collar,
but we're not using the lead yet as she'd only chew it to bits!
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