Nothing like a Good Chew!

Doggy bliss! Lucy's favorite occupation is chewing.... anything!

Like all young puppies, Lucy simply can't stop chewing. Trouble is, her teeth are like little needles and very, very sharp - and like a small child, everything goes into her mouth. She constantly nips at table legs, chairs, doors, my ankles, the roses, garden benches, twigs, leaves, puppy chews, towels, newspaper, carpet, shoes, slippers, dog toys, her bed - pretty much anything she can get her paws on and her teeth into.... In fact, she spends such a large part of her life chewing that there isn't much left that she hasn't made her mark on :)

I found this gorgeous handmade collar and lead set in
The Cool Puppy store on Etsy
And here she is wearing her beautiful new collar,
but we're not using the lead yet as she'd only chew it to bits!


  1. She's looking lovely in her pretty new collar!
    I remember when my puppy was at the phase, he had a real thing for my husbands flapping pyjama legs!
    And yes those little needle teeth! Ouch!

  2. Bruce the destroyer has luckily stopped chewing everything, content with a bone these days :-)

  3. Dear Lucy,
    You are growing up to be such a beautiful young lady and you look lovely in pink.
    Keep making your mommy happy.

  4. She's getting big and fast, pretty pink collar also. Oh the chewing you just reminded me of these two here, hope she's done soon!!

  5. Lucy looks lovely! I remember those little needles, we have little reminders along the bottom of out Welsh Dresser.

  6. Lucie looks adorable !! Look at her eyes in the first picture :) It's a phase Erika, she will grow out of it (when everything in your house is marked....).

  7. Lucy looks lovely in her fab colar

  8. Ahh Erika- I remember that phase! Lucy looks beautiful in her new collar

  9. Beautiful pup - and that collar is fab!

  10. awwwwwwww, I can almost smell the puppy breath ...

  11. That collar looks great on her!

    Our young dog likes to steal laundry to chew. Sometimes we find a pile of clothes in a remote corner of the house. Unfortunately, she has ruined a pants, socks, undies, shirts... We just try to redirect her to her chew toys.

  12. Gorgeous puppy you have there! Mine wasn't much of a chewer but it took us over 2 years to get the sucker potty-trained. Now he is nearing 9 years old...he is an old puppy.

  13. I'm definitely going to keep her away from the laundry basket then, AsteropeBC!

    But OMG amazey - 2 years to potty train? And I'd been getting worried because Lucy isn't potty trained yet, and she's only 13 weeks old. Hope I haven't got another 21 months to go, LOL!!!!


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