Friday, September 16, 2011

Still Growing Fast


The more she grows, the more mischievous and disobedient Lucy is becoming. It's hard to believe how quickly she's grown since we picked her up just a few weeks ago, and I wrote about how well she was settling in! Lucy doesn't stop from dawn till dusk - I'm constantly trying to stop her from jumping on the furniture, pulling up the roses and digging holes in the lawn ~ and more than once I've caught her with her nose in the waste paper basket (she has a thing about paper tissues, for some reason). And we won't even mention how the toilet training is going ..... she certainly keeps me on my toes!!! Lucy has a basket full of puppy toys, balls, ropes, Kongs, teddies, chews and bones to play with, but nothing keeps her attention for more than a second or two. Unless, of course, it is chewing shoes, carpets and newspapers....

The video above shows her with one of her latest favourite toys - plastic bottles (this one was empty)!
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