February already?

Wow - I can't believe it is February already - where did January go?! It all got a bit stressful when my mother was rushed to hospital with internal bleeding, but they've finally tracked down the problem and she's responding to treatment, so with luck she'll be going home today. And I missed the first couple of weeks of 2009 in bed with 'flu, but am now back to full creating health - in fact, I had a crazy time last weekend, with 15 online sales at my Erika Price shop on Etsy, my best ever!

The snow is swirling and has settled thickly on the surrounding countryside overnight, and our UK transport infrastructure seems to have ground to a halt. But I'm warm and cosy in our lovely farmhouse, and my feet are nice and warm as my dog Tess just loves sitting on my feet and leaning back on my knees while I create my jewelry. Here are my latest Symphony necklaces