Vacation in Libya

Well, I had a great time on vacation - fantastic company, food and wine, glorious weather, and amazing sights - but after almost four weeks away from my workbench, I'm itching to start creating again!

It's almost a month since we went to stay with friends in Devon for a few days, before launching into a very busy Easter week schedule, with church services every day plus a children's holiday club. Then on Easter Sunday we embarked on a vacation with friends, flying to Spain before sailing to Algeria on the North African coast of the Mediterranean Sea. After visiting Algeria and Tunisia, we spent most of the last two weeks in Libya. I didn't know what to expect of Libya, but I guess I feared it would be like Algeria, where I felt like an unwelcome intruder and found the atmosphere rather surly and intimidating.

But NO!!!! What a wonderful surprise Libya turned out to be!!! The people of Libya were without exception warm, friendly and very welcoming - everywhere we went I felt safe, and were met by smiling, gentle, friendly people. No-one tried to beg from us, no unwelcome security guards followed us about, and no-one tried to sell me cheap mass-produced tourist junk made in the far east. No, it was truly wonderful. The sun shone brightly, the sea was a sparkling blue, the beaches were beautiful white sand, and there were palm trees everywhere. And the Roman archaeological sites - the main purpose of my visit - were truly incredible. I'd read about Leptis Magna but the sites of Sabratha and Cyrene were just as amazing for me. It seems churlish to note that alcohol is banned in Libya, so I was unable to indulge my passion for red wine, but that was a small price to pay for the privilege of visiting such a beautiful country and meeting so many wonderful people.

Sadly our vacation is now over, but it's good to be home again and I've returned refreshed and inspired, and looking forward to creating all the new jewelry designs I thought of while we were away. Once I've caught up with all the emails, post, phone messages and dirty washing, that is!


  1. Awesome!  I am in awe.  It sounds like an amazing place and I really hope I get to see if for myself.  I had friends who went to Tunisia and raved about it, but I have never come across anyone who has been to Libya.


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