Sunday, January 03, 2010

Frosty Winter 2009-10

The recent cold weather has brought with it some glorious crisp and clear sunny days, and I took the photos below in my garden. I'm especially pleased with the one of the robin, and have already ordered next year's Christmas cards using this image!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I especially love the willow tree covered in ice. So beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pictures hon! Love that little birdie!

  3. Wow...loving the pictures - especially the trees.
    and you're having the right attitude towards your new year!

  4. Simply beautiful... so silvery white against that gorgeous blue sky. Thanks for sharing these... and good luck with your 2010 endeavors! Hope this year is a healthier one for you!

  5. I think once you start getting fit, you will start feeling a whole lot better. Lovely pics.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!


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