Friday, July 09, 2010

Etsy Project Embrace

Handcrafted Artisan Jewellery by Erika Price

As some of you probably know, I donate all the profits from my artisan jewellery sales to charity. Today I'd like to tell you about a wonderful team of crafters called Etsy Project Embrace, which I became a member of soon after it started back in 2009. The team was led by the amazing Kristin Love with the aim of supporting research into a cure for cancer. Every member donated a percentage of the profits from their Etsy sales to the American Cancer Society, and within a very short time we had raised over $12,000 for the American Cancer Society. For many years 50% of all the profits on everything I sold on Etsy were donated to this cause, while the other 50% was donated to Cancer Research in the UK.

Etsy Project Embrace was also featured on the Etsy Blog, which in those days was called The Storque, and told the heartwarming story of why the team was formed and how it came to grow to over 250 members. Sadly that article is no longer accessible, but it introduced some of the truly inspirational people behind our team - many of whom were themselves cancer sufferers or had close friends or family who had succumbed to this terrible disease. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I read the feature, even though I already knew the story and the people involved. Yet despite all our personal problems life was good, and the friendships we made were particularly important - far-away friends that we might never meet in this lifetime came to mean the world to us.

Nine years later the original Etsy Project Embrace team is no longer, but I'd like to offer my grateful thanks to them for their loving, caring and supportive friendship throughout the life of our team. It was a privilege to know everyone involved, and I love you all - indeed, many of us are still in regular contact over on Facebook! And although the Etsy team itself no longer exists, my work continues unabated and I'm still donating my profits to cancer research. If you'd like to support a very worthy cause, please take a look at the handcrafted artisan jewellery which I sell in my Erika Price on Etsy shop in aid of cancer research. Thank you for your continued support!

Click here to find out more about what happened to the Etsy Blog.

Updated March 2019


  1. Read the article - a very moving story. Ovarian cancer is particularly scary 'cos you don't tend to get symptoms until it's quite far advanced. And there does seem to be a genetic link.
    I wish you great success for such a good cause!

  2. so many of dad's surgeries were to try and battle ovarian cancer; sometimes he made a difference, and sometimes he just couldn't help. this team is doing a wonderful thing; thanks for sharing. x

  3. cancer is such a horrible thing. Glad of any help and support. thanks for sharing

  4. Great article, Erika!! Thanx for sharing the news...

  5. It's a great theme and story, every cent can make a difference!

  6. Lovely article Erika, and a great team.

  7. great to see another post about the etsy article erika-- we have a wonderful team, don't we?

  8. This is really a lovely, lovely team!! YAY for Etsy Project Embrace! xo Cait

  9. A great cause, what a lovely team to be involved in!


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