Cartwheels at Westminster Abbey

Last Wednesday evening I was finally licensed as churchwarden of Holy Trinity Church, Throcking. The licensing was held at another church in the county and was a rather formal affair - officially it was a "Visitation" by the Archdeacon of Hertford. No pictures, because I forgot to take my camera and my phone, but apart from the Registrar in his judges wig there wasn't really anything interesting to see!

So I was delighted when I discovered this wonderful video, courtesy of the Telegraph, of a cleric turning cartwheels in the aisle at Westminster Abbey, after the wedding of William and Catherine last week. Enjoy!

Anyway, back to Throcking! Back in March, while I was on holiday, I was appointed as churchwarden, treasury and secretary of the beautiful little church there. It is just a couple of miles from my home, and for some years I have played the organ there every other Sunday. Throcking (or Trochinge) is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, and today it is a tiny rural parish of less than 50 people. The church is of Early English construction and in the Decorated style, apart from the upper part of the unusual square brick tower. According to local legend the original tower was damaged by Cromwell's Artillery, and was rebuilt in 1660 by Sir Thomas Soame, an English politician who lived in Throcking and sat in the House of Commons from 1640 to 1648. The church registers date back to 1558! It is incredible to think that I'm now playing a tiny part in the amazing history of this church!

Holy Trinity Church, Throcking
photo by anemoneprojectors


  1. Wonder if he got in trouble? I hope not.

  2. I was sure I'd commented, Erika, I read this the first day you published! Silly me, must have been distracted.

    I love the look of your church. It must be lovely to work there with so much history around. I have a friend who is an organist at St Peter's Church Monkwearmouth, I love visiting there - all those hundreds of years of saints!

  3. so interesting about your historical church! and congratulations on your appointment...LOL about the cleric - he looked pleased with himself didn't he ; )

  4. Your church is so lovely Erika - it's fascinating to think of all the people who have walked through the doors throughout the years!

  5. Love your church, it a shame that so few people visit and appreciate them nowadays.

  6. Congratulations Erika! And what a lovely church! That's exactly my idea of what a church should be. Off to watch the video. :D


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