Lots of Birthday Cards!

Aren't I lucky?! Just look at the amazing array of cards, flowers, choccies and pressies I got on Friday, and it wasn't even a special birthday! Barry gave me a stunning jardiniere (which isn't in the photo) and my son Hayden, sister Alex, and friends Neville & Jeanette gave me beautiful flowers. Mum & brother Julian gave me wine and a gorgeous handmade Mdina glass dish, my friend Mary gave me a book, and my step-daughter gave me Molton Brown goodies! I received 20 cards from family and friends, including 3 lovely handmade cards from my fellow Craft Britannia team members. Thank you SO much, everyone ~ MWAH!


  1. I see you are a woman who is loved. I see from your cards that you are one hot bomb shell who likes to put on a red dress and kick up her heels while she lies in a field of flowers. Everyone things you are such a dear and when they hug you they can get a lovely gentle wisp of your sexy perfume and then toast you with the best of the best wine as they sing out "Happy Birthday dear Erika"

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Erica! You're a lucky lady and well deserved for being such a lovely person!

    I have my eye on that bottle second on the right ... is it the glass that is aquamarine or the drink inside a clear bottle? I could make beads out of it! :-)

  3. Deb, ha ha ha, thank you for your lovely post!!!

    Sue, thank you so much *blushes* Actually, it's red wine inside a very dark mossy green bottle - shall I save it for you to make beads from?!

  4. I spy some wine there. Hahaha looks like others have noticed it too.

  5. I actually have ... um ... far too many red wine bottles to recycle from my own alcoholic escapades, but thanks for the offer! :-)
    I mean the smaller one to the left of the wine bottle - it might be perfume or a teeny bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin?

  6. Oooh happy birthday! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  7. Thanks Bibliophile!

    Sue, the smaller bottle is actually soap - and sadly not glass. But if I do come across any unusually coloured bottles I promise I'll let you know!

  8. Wowza, you are loved and lucky!

    Happy Birthday, Erika!


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