My puppy needs a name!

Just take a look at my new puppy - isn't she gorgeous?! She's a blue roan cocker spaniel, and she's just 2 weeks old. Aw! Please help me find a name for her...... I'm really stuck for ideas. My springer spaniel was called Bella, and my golden retriever was named Tess, so both of those names are out, but there must be lots more names out there, I just can't think of anything suitable. Can you?

This is Bodie, my pup's mum, with her young owner Connor

And these cuties are my pup's relations - the orange one is her dad
And this beauty was my precious golden retriever Tess


  1. a million names come to mind looking at this adorable face :o)

    susan..susie (after black eyed susan)
    alphabetty (no idea why, it just looked cute)
    feta (again, no reason haha)
    truffle (now i think i'm just i'll stop)

    if you pick one of these do i get a puppy? lol :o) adorable little fuzzball...congrats!

  2. Awwwww :)

    We had a sheep dog as children call sprout :)
    so sprout!! or Doris :)

  3. She is adorable!
    My name suggestions are Pip, Betsy and Lola.

    Dawn/jarg0n. x

  4. So cute! Bonny? (a friend of mine calls them cockle spaniels)and I know a Welsh springer called Mud.

  5. Arw she's so cute!! :)
    How about Domino, Kim or Freda?

  6. Awwwwww Erika. Well I have Toby (Cocker) and Missy (Welsh Springer).

    What comes to mind is:

    Lampy (thought of lampwork here)

  7. Erika,
    How do you ever leave the house. That is the sweetest face ever! I will do some thinking but my ideas tend to be non-traditional. My last Yorkie was called Vinny. And my fish: Angelina Jolie.
    How about "Blue"?
    or Sara?
    or Pippa, (very timely)

  8. Awww! Such a cutie!
    My choice would be Bonny, too!

  9. Erika, how adorable. Goggles springs to mind, but I'll give it some more thought. Bess would be a link between your lovely Tess and puppies mum

  10. So adorable, wish I could have a cuddle with her! Here a few of female puppy names I like:
    Willow, Fern, Poppy, Rosie, Cara

  11. I was going to suggest Betsy, too. :o)

  12. She looks just adorable! How about Rowan?

  13. Thanks for all your suggestions - they're really helpful (though DH wants more ideas) so do please keep them coming everyone!

  14. Oh Erika, she is absolutely Adorable!

    Josie? Petal? Dovie? Scampi?

  15. Some of the names I've used have been Sophie, Crystal, Holly, Sheba, Amber, Jasmine and Sasha. I also like Sapphire.

  16. So cute!
    I like Sasha too.
    Or Tasha, or Speck(Spectator) because she's black and white, or Zoey

  17. what a little sweetie, Erika, awwwwww
    -Sweetie or Cutie?

  18. She is so cute- and I don't really expect you to call her "Hobnob"! What about "Betty Blue" (or "dotty" is a really nice name ;) )

  19. Love the pics, including the one of the gorgeous Tess!

    I really like Goggles suggested above. Bruiser springs to my mind cos of two black eyes but might not stand the "call your dog" test, others might think she was aggressive ... it's a bit like you can't call your dog "Clematis" because you couldn't ever call "Clematis, stop climbing that wall ..." ha, bad joke!

    Oooh, I know Henrietta after Henry Cooper, the great British Heavyweight boxer who died recently. (I am becoming obsessed with her beautiful black eyes!)

    Whatever you call her, we need lots of photos of her on the blog please!!

  20. LOL, Sue - Clematis!!!

    Brilliant suggestions everyone, please do keep them coming!

  21. I'm going for Pippa! Pippa or Spud ;) x

    (Rebecca@The Emporium)

  22. Awww she is soo adorable! I want one! Mine's name is Molly, but I didn't get to name her.

    xo katie elizabeth

  23. Awwww, what a sweetie! I too love the suggestion Goggles. ;) But can't really think of any of my own...

  24. A few more favourites:

    Bramble, Blue, Bailey, Lily, Luna, Muffin, Holly, Cara, Tara, Sasha, Tasha, Amber, Mia, Maya, Charlie, Buttons, Jewel, Jemma, Cleo, Pixie, Poppy, Silver, Shimmer, Sky, Florence, Georgie, Gracie, Evie, Willow, Fern, Rosie, Rowan.

    I think that exhausts all the dogs I know and most of what we had on the shortlist for our puppy too :)

  25. Alphia. I love that name
    or maybe

  26. Wow, what a lot of names to choose from, thank you everyone! We're still undecided, though DH thinks Lucy is his favorite so far :)

  27. Flicka, Freya, Lizzie, Lacey! Or maybe Whoopie, since she's the colors of a whoopie pie... mmm... :-)

  28. I'm thinking of gemstones, because of what you do. How about "Howlite" or "Picasso Jasper" (Pica for short)!

    Maybe Agate like...Agatha..Aggie. Or Rhodocrisite..Rhodo. Sardonyx!

    Or Gema/...gemstone...Gemma, Gema!


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