Thought for the Day - A Beaders Hands

My thought for today is an original poem, written by fellow jeweller and JET member Anne-Marie of LimeInTheSky. Anne-Marie's poem won an impromptu poetry competition in a team discussion thread, and earned her a special prize donated by Debra of DebrasDivineDesigns. You can find out more about the team by visiting the JET Blog. I thought you might like to read the poem too so here it is, together with a sample of the work created by each of the JET members mentioned in this post.

Images courtesy of BrookeJewelry

A Beader’s Hands

Twisting, turning, bending, swirling,
Wire up, down, and around.
Hands are cleaning, mind is dreaming
Jewels and crystals yet unfound

Fingers over keyboard dancing,
Wishing they were somewhere else,
Where colors dance in sunlight, sparkling,
Gem and glass and stone and felt

Now these hands must help with homework,
Now a dinner to prepare.
Almost time now, to the table-
Resin, silver, beads, beware!

In the throes of beading rapture,
To the JET’s discussion thread.
Admiration, inspiration;


  1. Oh how FABULOUS!!! Why didn't I think of doing a blog up for Limers poem???!!!! Thanks for being so wonderful Erika!

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  3. love the poem, jewelry and Brooke's hands ; )

  4. Erika, thanks for sharing this wonderful poem and our jewelry.

  5. I am honored! Love the way you put it all together. :-)

  6. That's really good! Anne-Marie is obviously a talented poet as well as jeweller (that necklace is stunning!)

  7. I love this poem. Where is Lime? And how can a jeweler have such nice hands. Mine look like I am an auto mechanic's.
    Thanks for posting this, Erika.

  8. Great poem!!!! Love all the jewelry featured also!!!


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