Lucy Meets Biscuit

Lucy the Puppy is now 11 weeks old and fully vaccinated, and I decided it was time for her to start socialising with other dogs. Yesterday was warm and sunny, which made a nice change, so I wandered down the lane with Lucy to meet my friend and near-neighbour Sally (who co-owns Millers Garden Buildings, if you're in the UK and ever need to buy a shed or garden workshop!) Sally and her partner Steve have a menagerie of animals that includes several cats, horses and chickens, as well as their two dogs, Bud the labrador and Biscuit the border terrier

Bud is now an elderly 12 - the same age as Tess, my late golden retriever, would have been - so after their initial greeting Lucy he wandered back to bed for some peace and quiet. Biscuit, however, loves to meet new friends and was happy to play and chase about the garden in the sunshine. Unfortunately they were both too fast for me, but I did at least manage to capture a few of their calmer moments together before the camera batteries went flat :)



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