Monday Moodboard - Bewitched

Following on from last week's spooky Halloween finds, here are some more bewitching items from the European Street Team! Monday Moodboards feature unique handcrafted gifts from talented European designer-makers - to see more pop along to Star of the East's Blog

1. TheHouseOfMouse 2. rokdarbi4u 3. BHBKidstyle 4. niftyknits


  1. Brilliant! Thank you so much for the feature :D

  2. Thank you - don't they look lovely (oops, I mean scaaaary) together?

  3. Spooky in cute way!

    Thank you very much for the feature!

  4. awesome collection..
    have a nice week :):)

    i love the moush and pumkin's tones

  5. OMG those are just too cute! I love the little bat :-P

  6. OK cannot wait to make these - next year ... so long to wait!!!
    Thank you so much for linking up to Howlerific halloween #BOO, so far behind over here with a week in DC and then a conference that had no internet (yes, a social media conference with no internet lol)
    Thank you ...loving trick or treating today with a big bag of candy by my side ;)


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