Monday Moodboard - Christmas Trees

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Someone pointed out to me this morning that there are only 55 shopping days left before Christmas - aaaggghhh - it seems like only 5 minutes since I was putting up the tree last Christmas! So, to cheer me up, I found a pretty selection of little Christmas Trees from the European Street Team - here they are! To see more unique handcrafted gifts from talented European designer-makers, drop by Star of the East's Blog


  1. wowww nice christmas mood.. i want biscuits now pleaseee !!!

  2. Great picks! Starting to prepare to Christmas!

  3. Ohhh! :) I love Christmas trees.
    Thank you so much for having me here. xo

  4. oh what cuties! And thanks for the reminder ;)

  5. Only 55??? I must hurry up!!!Love the trees!!!

  6. christmas christmas ! aaaaaaaaaa :P

  7. so lovely designs
    great inspiration for christmas
    Please come say Hi at
    The Dolls Factory


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