Online Christmas CRAFTfest - 26th & 27th November

I'm taking part in the online Christmas CRAFTfest extravaganza next weekend - it promises to be an exciting event as there will be 100s of different virtual stallholders all offering a huge selection of beautiful handmade crafts! It's the perfect venue for all your Christmas shopping, so why not pop along to CRAFTfest now for a sneak preview of all the stalls, and don't forget to visit us next weekend!

As a special promotion for this event, you can enjoy a 10% discount off my jewellery over the weekend - ONLY available to visitors to my Erika Price CRAFTfest Stall! Drop by my stall to find out how to get your discount - I'm adding new pieces all the time, so pop in often.

See you at CRAFTFest!


  1. Looks like fun!! I'll have to stop by and check it out :) 

    I have recently moved my blog to a self hosted site, the URL is now www.africasblog.comI showed you were listed as following on my old site and was hoping that you would stop by the new URL and subscribe/follow the new URL.  I am hoping that making the change to self hosted will be worth all the effort I have had to put in to actually doing it, LOL!!!I hope to keep you subscribed to my blog!!ThanksDebbie/Africa


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