All I Want For Christmas

Last Friday the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean returned to the UK having been away for over 7 months - a planned 7 week deployment turned into 7.5 months when the ship was diverted to operations in Libya. When they heard they would be home in time to spend this Christmas with their families, the ship's company made this brilliant DVD of "All I Want For Christmas".......

HMS Ocean is a helicopter carrier and the largest ship in the Royal Navy, designed to support amphibious landing operations. Her motto is "Boldly Faithfully Happily", and clearly her crew live out that motto to the full. While they were away, 15 babies were born and 5 people were sent home so they didn't miss their own weddings! Rock on, HMS Ocean - we're proud of you!


  1. Hilarious Erika - do you know any of these guys in person ?

  2. Video didn't load on my computer, but the concept is awesome. Rock On, indeed!

  3. this truly is heart glad these ladies and gents get to make it home for Christmas!!! They also are just TOO CUTE!!

  4. Sadly not personally, but I know friends of friends, so they all seem familiar!

  5. LOVE it!!  I'm so happy for them that they will be home for Christmas!

  6. This is great! I am so thankful they will be home for Christmas =)


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