First Valentines Day Designs

Below are two silver and crystal necklaces I created especially for Valentines Day and have just listed in my Etsy Shop:

Yes, I do know we've only just celebrated Christmas and New Year! And the celebrations aren't actually over yet, as up in Scotland where my son lives it is a bank holiday today. Moreover, the Orthodox Christian church doesn't celebrate Christmas until Epiphany on 6th January, which is still 3 days away!

Yet, would you believe, on New Year's Eve I noticed that among the reduced-price Christmas cards, wrapping paper and biscuit tins, chocolate Easter bunnies had already gone on sale in the supermarket! Since Easter isn't until April, my listing Valentine's Day jewellery for 14th February doesn't sound quite so organised after all!


  1. Hahahah not when you put it like that Erika........

  2. Yes i saw the Easter eggs too!! much too early if you ask me but then i'm miserable lol!
    but Valentines is fine by me :)
    your new items are lovely x

  3. No way - Easter eggs already?! Gaaaaah!

    Lovely necklaces Erika! x

  4. Thanks Stupid! Worse than that, they were Easter Bunnies!!! Maltesers shaped like bunnies and called MaltEASTERs!!!!!

  5. Aw, thanks Chloe! That makes two miseries as I completely agree with you :)

  6. He he he! And I thought I was being SO organised (I've never been early for anything in my life, LOL!)


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