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Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so we're looking forward to having the traditional pancakes for supper. There's lots of different ways of serving pancakes, both savoury and sweet, and last year I shared with you my all time favourite recipe for crepes suzettes. A simple alternative for a hot pudding is to sprinkle them with sugar and a little freshly squeezed lemon juice - delicious! What's your favourite?

All the beautiful lemon items here were handmade by members of the European Street Team. For more Monday Moodboards featuring unique handcrafted goodies from talented European designer-makers, see Estella and Esther's Blog


  1. Thank You very much for including me in Your Monday Moodboard!!!!
    It's such an honour for me!!!

  2. Thank You very much for including me in Your Monday Moodboard!!
    I'm so honoured to be featured here!!

  3. Spring is here..wonderful!!

  4. I like lemon and sugar on them or raspberries Madeiran mel de cana and thick mild yoghurt.

  5. What a fun mood! I love lemons! ;)

  6. Oh yes, I forgot about raspberries - they go SO well with pancakes!

  7. So beautifull and fresh.
    I had lemonade at my lunch

  8. This tastes so good!
    Ha ve a lovely week!

  9. Beautiful list! Will try the crepes with lemon real soon!!

  10. Lovely collection. I love the pancakes with sugar and lemon.

  11. So fresh and zesty!

    I love pancake day too! And I love pancakes with lemon and sugar!

    Have a great week!

  12. Lemon color is one of my favorite !!! Love it :)


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