Postman Pat and his Black and White....... Dog?!

If you have young children then you're more than likely to have heard of Postman Pat. For over 30 years this BBC television cartoon character has been enchanting toddlers, and millions of books, toys and games have been sold worldwide. The TV programmes feature Pat the postman and his exploits as he ensures mail is safely delivered to his customers in the fictional English villages of Greendale and Pencaster.

Pat used to drive a red Royal Mail van and is always accompanied by his black and white cat, Jess. We live in a very rural area and have our very own Postman Pat called Mark. Mark is a gem, just as friendly and helpful as Postman Pat, and he too delivers his mail in a red Royal Mail van. But sadly he doesn't have a black and white cat - probably something to do with health and safety….

Play the video below to hear the original theme song - but beware, it is annoyingly catchy!

Anyway, the other day Barry took Lucy for a walk. About 10 minutes after they had left I heard Postman Mark's van pull into the drive. That's odd, I thought, as he'd not long since delivered our mail. As I opened the door Mark smiled and asked me if I had lost something. No, I replied. Are you sure? Definitely not! So, you've not lost something with a pink collar? Lucy wears a pink collar. No, I said, Lucy is out for a walk with Barry. So she's not lost, then? Not as far as I know!

There was an awkward silence and the smile faded from Postman Mark's face. Oh dear, he said, opening the back of his red Royal Mail van. Inside sat - not a black and white cat - but our black and white cocker spaniel Lucy, looking very unhappy at having had her nice long walk so abruptly interrupted. Mark had seen her walking at the end of our lane and, thinking she was on her own and must have escaped, he picked her up and put her in the back of his van. He had not seen Barry walking in the field a few yards behind her, and Barry had not seen Mark pick her up either.

It was so kind of Mark to do what he did - he really is the best postman we could wish for, and he really thought he was helping! But oh dear, indeed - Barry was NOT happy when he eventually trudged home after giving up looking for Lucy!