Lucy - In The Pink

Poor little Lucy was spayed on Monday, and she has taken a long time to recover. We've never known her to be so lifeless, lying motionless on her bed is very uncharacteristic of our lively cocker spaniel!

She is well on the mend now, though her wound is still sore and swollen as she keeps licking herself, and I've taken her back to the vet twice since the op. The antibiotics and anti-inflammatories have kicked in so she's much more comfortable, but must wear a "buster" collar for the next 10 days. She went wild when they put it on her, and got it off again in less than 10 seconds - it took me and 2 vet nurses to put it back on again, this time tying it to her collar.

Five minutes later as I was driving her home, she somehow got her front leg inside it, up to her armpit, and was completely immobilised with the enormouse plastic funnel on her head and her paw stuck under it beneath her chin. After half an hour of rebellion at home we gave up, and resorted to putting her in an old kiddies t shirt, which we've fastened with ribbons running under her tail to tie in a bow on her back, so she can't reach to undo it. Needless to say, she was a somewhat reluctant model for these photos!