Wordless Wednesday - Bram Stoker

Last week I Wordless Wednesday featured Captain Cook, a famous resident of Whitby in Yorkshire. Whitby was also the setting for some of the chapters of Irish novelist Bram Stoker's notorious novel, Dracula. The skyline above Whitby is dominated by the ruins of St. Hilda's Abbey, built in 657 A.D, which looked particularly haunting and menacing on the stormy day we visited. Not surprisingly, Goths love the place and hold a festival at Whitby every year!

Photo: Matt West
The adjacent St Mary's parish church and churchyard, reached by climbing 199 steps from the old town, is also featured in the book. Alongside the steps that wind their way up the East Cliff to the abbey and church is the original cobbled donkey track, used for taking coffins up to the church *shiver*


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