Monday, November 26, 2012

Cufflinks Commission

One of my recent commissions was for a pair of silver cufflinks. The brief was challenging to say the least. They must be distinctive but traditional; no fancy shapes, dates, words, images, colour, oxidisation, and definitely no animals, sport themes, etc etc. I very nearly didn't take the work on!

After experimenting with & dismissing various designs I eventually settled for textured fronts & brushed backs in heavyweight fine silver, with sterling silver chains as my customer didn't want bar cufflink fittings. Luckily I managed to finish them just inside October's deadline for hallmarking precious metals with the 2012 Jubilee mark (see close up below). But, with only one day to spare I had to go into London to get them assayed - which gave me a great excuse to buy more supplied in Hatton Garden!

My customer is delighted with his new cufflinks (phew!!!) and all profits are going to Cancer Research

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