Wordless Wednesday - Chateau Lamothe

This dreamy castle is the beautiful Château Lamothe Prince Noir, near St Emilion in Aquitaine in France. We stayed there last July while we were visiting the Bordeaux vineyards, stocking up on cases of claret! And yes, I know Wednesday is supposed to be "Wordless", but I thought you might like to know a little about the history of this amazing place.....

Château Lamothe is now owned by the wonderfully hospitable Bastide family, but was built in the 12th Century when Aquitaine was ruled by England's first Plantagenet king, Henry II. During the 14th century, the chateau became the home of Edward, the Black Prince, who was also Governor of Aquitaine - which is why it is now known as Château Lamothe Prince Noir. It is set in parkland, and still surrounded by the original water-filled moat, which you cross via a bridge to enter the castle.