Craft Britannia Gift Guide Days 1-6

Are you stuck for innovative, quirky and original gift ideas this Christmas? Look no further than the Craft Britannia team - a collection of talented British-based designer-makers who sell their wares on Etsy. Over the last few days the team been putting a "12 Days of Christmas" Gift Guide together, showcasing 100s of different handcrafted and vintage gift ideas.

The first issue covered gifts for the men in your life (always difficult to buy for, I find!), while issue 2 had lots of ideas for babies and their parents. Day 3 featured lots of festive home decoration ideas, without a single piece of tinsel or mass-produced plastic in sigh and Sunday's post was brim full of gift ideas for women, any of which I'd be more than delighted to receive. The 5th post included suggestions for beautiful handmade Christmas cards and gift wrapping, while yesterday the team uncovered a wealth of terrific Secret Santa gifts. There are still another 6 days to go, and I'm looking forward to seeing what inspirational ideas the team comes up with next!