Free Shipping During March!

Yes dear readers, I've gone as mad as a March hare! Finally flipped! Gone stark raving bonkers! If I wasn't already, that is!

For the whole month of March I'm offering free shipping worldwide in both of my Etsy shops, when you spend 15.00 or more!

To benefit from this crazy deal, simply visit my Blucha Vintage Style Jewellery shop or my Erika Price Jewellery shop, and apply Coupon Code FREEMARCH13 at checkout!

What's even more exciting is that this is a UK-wide Etsy promotion! So readers based in the UK can uese the same coupon code FREEMARCH13 to take advantage of the free shipping on offer from lots of other Etsy shops! Click here to see a small selection of the vast range of fabulous handmade and vintage goodies available from participating UK shops. Now I just have to decide what I'm going to treat myself to :)