New feature: Meet the Maker

Handknitted Mohair Bolero in Mint Green, £60, TheFeminineTouch

The handcrafted trend has really taken off over the past few years, both worldwide and here in the UK. I'm constantly amazed at how many incredibly talented craftspeople there are around, and impressed by the enormous range of high quality goods they produce. I've been really privileged to meet and work with many of these artisans, who are totally dedicated to creating the very best in professional quality handicrafts. So I thought it would be really interesting to discover a little more about some of these makers, and take a closer look at their crafts and their products...

Handknitted Navy Blue Lace Scarf, £37, TheFeminineTouch

My guinea pig, in what I hope will become a regular feature on this blog, is Sandra of TheFeminineTouch and TheFeminineTouch at Etsy. Sandra's skills are knitting and crochet, and she makes beautiful soft accessories from quality wool and mohair yarn, and also upcycles and recycles unused wool sweaters

So please join me next week for my first "Meet the Maker", as we embark on a journey to discover some of our most talented British artisans and their fabulous handcrafted arts and crafts!