Wordless Wednesday 2014 #29 - Sight for Sore Eyes

Spotted these two guys as I drove through our nearest town after church on Sunday morning. From a distance it looked as though both cyclists were naked - so to say I was surprised would be an understatement! After all, it was rather cold that morning - and the next town in any direction is at least 8 miles away. Not to mention that the sight of two bare bottoms wobbling around on bicycles is unusual - to say the least - in this part of the world!

As I drove closer I realised they were not naked after all, as they were wearing (very skimpy) lime green mankinis! Now, I've never seen the movie Borat, and until Sunday I was blissfully unaware that from time to time men have been known to wear Borat-inspired lime green mankinis while participating in certain sports. I'm not sure I needed to know that, but a quick Google search has filled in the missing gaps in my education ...

Anyhow, I've since learned that this brave pair don't always cycle around the Hertfordshire countryside wearing next to nothing! On this occasion they were raising money for charity by riding 100 miles - raising money for Diabetes UK. A very worthy cause - Go lads!!!