How Many Roses?

Love Forever, from Harkness

Last week we explored rose colours and their meanings, and today we'll look at some more of the hidden symbols in roses to discover more about the hidden meaning behind those Mothers Day roses you sent or received today!!!

For example, rosebuds symbolize beauty, youth and innocence, while a fully open rose with two rosebuds behind it means you share a secret. Rose leaves are a symbol of hope, and tea roses have a special meaning too! Sending someone tea roses is another way of saying to them: "I'll always remember you"

But if you really want to impress upon someone, you could consider sending them some roses every month. It doesn't matter how many you send, or what colour they are, but in doing so you are saying they are like ever new beauty (as well as emptying your wallet!)

So, now let's see what message is conveyed by the quantity of roses you've just received n that beautiful bouquet ....

To say "I Love You",
send a single red rosebud
1A single red rose means “I love you”.  A thornless rose signifies love at first sight. However, a single rose of any other colour than red simply means"Thank you"
2I'm deeply in love with you. Two roses can also indicate an engagement or forthcoming marriage, and if the two roses are entwined together, this means "Marry me"
3I love you
5I love you more than you can imagine
6I love you and miss you

Photo: Naturegirl
7I'm infatuated with you
9We'll be together forever
10You are perfect
11You are truly and deeply loved
12I want to marry you
13I am your secret admirer
15I am truly sorry, please forgive me
20I am truly sincere about my feelings for you
21I am devoted to you
24I miss you 24 hours a day

Rose Bud Necklace by Blucha
33I love you dearly
36I will remember our romantic moments
40My love for you is genuine
50Regretless love
99I will love you for as long as I live
100We will remain devoted to each other until ripe old age
101You are my one and only love
108Will you marry me?
365I can't stop thinking about you
999Everlasting & eternal love


  1. That is so sweet! I think the smell of roses is so comforting and nostalgic:)

  2. Love roses, they seem to wilt here in the Summer.

  3. I love roses in all colors, shapes and sizes...really attracted to the buds and have fond memories of purchasing many in The Netherlands. It's been so long since actually "receiving" them, no telling what they were.

    Great blog post, E!

  4. Roses are beautiful and have so many meanings, that's what makes them so special, great post Erika.

  5. Lovely to read this about roses, Erika! Such a calming and fascinating array of these beautiful flowers.

  6. I wonder how many have received 999 roses. :D

  7. Me too, Jooles! And I've certainly never received 999 roses, Morrgan! Did once get a dozen though :)

  8. great read ! I once got one rose per month for a whole year, and I still don't know from whom ??

  9. Lovely blog post and I learned something too! Always wanted to know the meaning of colors and numbers of roses. :-))

  10. What beautiful photos...but I'm not as concerned about the meaning. I just love flowers!! :-) Roses are flowers, right?! ^_^

  11. They certainly are, Poetess! I love them too :)


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