Growing Fast

Are you sure there was a rosebush here yesterday?

Lucy the puppy is 9 and a half weeks old and growing fast. I'm pretty sure my previous puppies have all been sleepy after a full meal, but not Lucy - this is when she's at her most active and mischievous. She's also teething, but all the carefully stuffed puppy Kongs lie discarded in her pen. Instead, her favourite games are trying to catch the cleaning cloth as I mop up after her accidents, nipping my toes & ankles, and grabbing the hem of my skirt - at this rate everything in my wardrobe will be punctured with teeth marks! Gardening has become a challenge too, with the poor rosebushes taking a battering and Lucy trying to grab my hand and/or my gardening gloves as I'm weeding :)

Look how big I am now!

If it moves, is it edible?

Dog tired!


  1. AWWWW she is so cute and sweet!!!! Look at those eyes... it's impossible to be mad at her, isn't it? ;) And you're going to have a very modern shabby-chic wardrobe for free... or maybe avant-garde! ;)
    Enjoy your fur baby, you proud Mom!

  2. That top picture shows the origin of the phrase puppy dog eyes ha ha! She's adorable :)

  3. That's such a sweet doggy, so adorable!

  4. She is so beautiful. I remember that phase when all my clothes had holes at ankle height. It was weird when our Alfie would spit his teeth out as they came loose!

  5. Cuteness overload!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Erika she is so cute. I look forward to all the growing up pics.

  7. yep, typical Spaniel behaviour :))) totally cute and irresistable ....

  8. What a cutie! Impossible to be angry with a puppy :)))

  9. She is beautiful! I'd love a puppy in my family but my husband is not an animal lover at all and I think he would make a puppy feel very unwelcome. It's a toss up, really ...

    Thanks for following my blog Erika!

    Helen x

  10. what an adorable puppy!!!

    Stopping by from Handmade Wednesday!!

  11. This picture is way too cute! We have a chocolate lab puppy and he keeps me busy with housebreaking him. Not only is he growing but so are his puddles ;)
    Visiting you via Handmade Weds. Hop.


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