Water Big Girl

Ella with 9 week old Lucy

For the past few days Barry's daughter and her young family have been staying with us. Seven yr old Ella and her younger sister Bethany, who will be three at the end of this month, were very excited about meeting and playing with Lucy the puppy. It was therefore very important to us that our puppy was gentle and patient with such young and boisterous girls. She has a lovely, affectionate nature so we were sure she would be fine, and thankfully she was even more gentle than we'd hoped. Little Lucy was wonderful with them and she and the girls had lots of fun chasing each other around the garden, so she passed her first major socialisation test with flying colours

Granddad teaching Ella to swim
It's been quite tiring for us keeping such active children amused, and in addition to playing with Lucy, picking plums, flying a kite, visiting a farm and going on lots of walks, we've done scrapbooking, drawing, playing with toys, reading stories, making models with plasticine, making beads with fimo, and made several little bracelets for the girls to take home with them. But the most successful activity was the pool where Barry taught Ella to swim! With amazing patience and enthusiasm he encouraged her and, as her confidence increased, gradually reduced the air in her armbands. Finally she was able to remove them altogether and now, just three days later, she is able to swim unaided and can almost manage a full length of the pool! Well done Ella, you made Barry a very proud granddad indeed :)
"I NOT water baby, I WATER BIG GIRL"

While the rest of the family were swimming, independent little Beth was quietly trundling around, treading water in her special float. Until her mummy referred to her as a "little water baby". "No!" she cried, "I NOT water baby, I WATER BIG GIRL". And from that point on Beth insisted everyone call her the "Water Big Girl". Methinks Beth is going to be a "proper little madam" when she grows up!


  1. Thank you for including us in such special family moments:)

  2. I love the picture of Ella and Lucie; Lucie looks so confident ! and ..... I am called Ella by my hubby :))))
    And the girls were very brave in the water !!! well done granddad !

  3. Cute girls!
    Even horrible things (like those riots) can give us precious times and moments, no?

  4. lol, of course Beth is a water big girl :D
    What precious moments you had. Thanks for sharing.
    And Lucy... is just adorable.

  5. Aw what lovely famnily pics!

    Well done to Ella, she has such a wonderful look of joy at her achievment in your photo!

    Beth looks a very happy "water big girl" too splashing away!

    And Lucy - well, Lucy is just too adorable for words! x

  6. Sounds like you guys has a ball. Love the family photos

  7. what a lovely family Erika! congratulations on the swimming milestones...and Lucy is a darling, too
    : )

  8. Congrats to all, what a lot of lovely activities and especially learning to swim!

  9. How beautiful moments! Must be big fun to be together :)


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